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Data-Driven Healthcare Software Solutions

Return time to care with the of help data-driven healthcare software solutions. Specialized digital solutions for modern healthcare settings, improving efficiency, reporting and time management. 

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Ingenium Digital Solutions offer intuitive software solutions to minimise admin and return time to care.

Our clients have seen improved patient and health care setting management through the creation and implementation of integrated data management platforms. As a leading provider of data driven healthcare solutions in Ireland, our team is dedicated to embedding sustainable, measurable change in healthcare settings.

“Ingenium has helped to realise the full potential of PNplus. I would be confident in working with them again. They are exceptionally easy to work alongside, are practical and professional in their approach to delivering the solution from start to finish”.

University Maternity Hospital Limerick.

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How we help

  • Design, Development, and Delivery of Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions.
  • Expert software developers with cross-platform experience.
  • Get the technology required for engagement.
  • Architecture and UI design management.