Diversity & Inclusion, there is a difference

9 Oct 2019 | News |

What can we do to become more inclusive?

We are passionate about people, and so we ask in a world that is becoming more mixed and diverse, what can we do to become more inclusive?

We listened to our staff, they said that though work and study abroad is amazing, they are no strangers to that underlying homesick feeling. No matter where we are in the world, we will all miss family, friends, culture, food from home.

So, last night, Ingenium Training & Consultancy recognised this, harnessing the power of that love for home with the desire to fit in. We want to share our diversity and feel included in our new surroundings.

Together, we organised our first Ingenium Culture Night. A simple time where we all got together, cooked our typical or favourite dish, chat, sang, got to know a bit more about each other and our cultures.

According to Ingenium staff they now feel more at home than ever.

Diversity, on its own, is not an option, a culture of inclusion is essential to harness the power of individual diverse elements.