How organisations can thrive in 2022.

8 Dec 2021 | News

As we head into 2022 Jack McGrath Director of Strategy and Change Management with Ingenium shares some advice for organisations for the year ahead.

What should organisations be focused on for 2022?

We have gone through so much change over the last couple of years, and more is yet to come. The majority of organisations have steadied the ship really well and, in some cases, thrived in all the chaos. Going forward, organisations and their people must be ready for more change and developing a well-thought-out and detailed strategy, that involves people will be the key to success for all organisations.

What are three of the best ways organisations can cope with change in 2022?

  1. Have a formal change process and follow it!
  2. Involve people – change doesn’t happen without people. Include your people from the very beginning and you will see the benefits for them and the organisation.
  3. Set proper KPIs and manage the implementation plan correctly.

What are the keys to creating a strategic plan that enhances your culture?

  • You must first diagnose what the current culture of the organisation is and where it needs to be.
  • Understanding what your organisation’s enablers and disablers are, is key. What is going to drive the strategy forward and what is going to hold it back.
  • I can’t say this enough. Involve people. Engage people from the very beginning in understanding what your strategic opportunities and challenges are. Your organisation has great people in it and they must be utilised to the best of their ability.
  • Also, when implementing the strategic plan, form strong teams and distribute the strategic actions amongst a wide number of talented people. Strategy operationalisation isn’t easy and including people from all levels is the key to success. This is where the majority of strategies fall down.

One piece of advice for organisations as they head into 2022?

Rather than one piece of advice, here are my five key things every organization should do in terms of planning:

  1. Understand what your opportunities and challenges are through proper internal investigation and analysis
  2. Connect as a leadership team and define what the key focus areas of your business are
  3. Involve people in the strategic planning process.
  4. Clearly articulate an implementation and sustainment plan
  5. Operationalise your strategic plan and track your KPIs


At Ingenium, we understand that strategy positions organisations to achieve better & more sustainable returns than the competition. Allowing you to capture a unique competitive advantage. Change needs to be implemented & impact needs to be sustained. Doing so requires the organisation’s core team to satisfy shareholder expectations over the near and long term. Since business strategy is ultimately concerned with winning in competitive markets, Ingenium’s Strategic Renewal process helps your organisation develop full sectoral strategies & success-oriented plans.

Contact Ingenium today to find out how we can help your organisation with your Strategy and Change Management needs for 2022 and beyond.


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