Ingenium Shortlisted for Healthcare Innovation Hub Ireland Open Call 2022.

Ingenium Digital Solutions Hospital and Ward Management Platform has been shortlisted for the Healthcare Innovation Hub Ireland Open Call 2022.  The HIHI Open Call 2022 is a competition to select the best market-ready products or services to pilot in an Irish healthcare setting.

The HIHI Open Call 2022 is open to Irish companies or companies with an Irish base that have a product or service that meets a priority healthcare need. There are many national and international priority healthcare needs. Some of the current priority needs are reducing waiting time for scheduled care, increasing capacity in acute care, improving the management of chronic disease, care in the community, mental health, and health promotion. In collaboration with the University Limerick Hospital Group (ULHG), Ingenium developed and deployed a fully functional Visitor Booking Management System tool across six healthcare sites in December 2021.

The primary function of the Hospital and Ward Management Platform is to empower hospital administrators and CNMs to safely manage and control the flow and frequency of patient visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. The existing digital product processes on the order of 1,000 patient visits a week, have full iPMS integration, contact tracing facilities, a ward closure management system, and high-level executive statistics functionality.

The proposed project seeks to continue extending the functionality of this existing tool. The extension will take place with direct input and collaboration from clinical nurse management across a multi-site hospital group. The proposed project will leverage the existing visitor application infrastructure and data pipeline to prototype a digital product that allows CNMs and Hospital Administrators to collect, visualize, and annotate key patient bed use metrics across the entire hospital group.

Ingenium are delighted to be recognised as a provider of technology that meets a priority healthcare need and looking forward to the next steps in the competition process. Congratulations to all other short-list members.

HIHI Open Call Ingenium