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Safe Choice

Instill a culture of effective safety leadership within your organisation with Safe Choice.

Adopting the Safe Choice program as an employee engagement strategy empowers and enables safe decision-making at all levels of an organisation from anywhere in the world. Designed to provide personal knowledge on Decision-Making, Cognitive Biases, Fast & Slow Thinking and Present Motivation.

Embrace transformational learning, knowledge, and practices to help you make outstanding strategic decisions and mitigate risk in high consequence situations.

What is Safe Choice?

Safe Choice empowers and enables safe decision making at all levels of an organisation by providing new knowledge and techniques linked directly to an organisation’s current safety tools and systems, delivering a positive transformational change in safety performance. 

Safe Choice is a portal to a new platform built around existing client safety management systems and tools; linked to individual decision making. A leader’s response to mistakes directly impacts the culture of both learning and accountability. Leaders, first-line supervisors and workers will build personal knowledge and awareness about Human Performance and its role in making better personal safe choices. 

What is Safe Choice About?

Your safety and that of your co-worker

Protecting lives and livelihoods

Learning about decision making and making safe choices

Why Safe Choice?

Safe decision-making empowers and enables works across all organisation levels by providing new knowledge and techniques linked directly to an organisation’s current safety tools and systems. The program creates a tangible awareness and appreciation that current safety tools & systems can act as ‘interrupters’ to help stop unsafe choices. Our Safe Choice programme allows teams from around the globe to

Benefits of Safe Choice

Accessible for global teams

Lead by consultants with over 20 years global experience in risk management and human performance

Improve decision making at all levels

Mitigate risk of risk of injury

Access to our Learning Management System, where each of the five webinars will be recorded and stored for them to view up to 3 months following completion of the program

12 months access to our Safe Choice smartphone app as the quick reference guide to the program material

Who can benefit from Safe Choice?

Safety professionals

Health & Safety directors

Construction & Engineering professionals