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Leadership Traits Assessment (P4EQ360)

The Ingenium Leadership Traits Assessment is an intellectual and emotional intelligence tool that recognises all aspects of leadership. This will allow for business unit, departmental or project-level analysis that measures the traits for leaders to be successful in a sustainable way. Built on years of academic development, the model is formed around the four Ps in business: Processes, People, Paradigms and Programs.

The P4EQ-360 provides a basis for professional relationships. Effective leaders have a significant impact on everyone around them and can shape an organisation as they grow and develop. Meaningful leadership is the basis for high performing organisations. The leadership traits assessment tool can lead to enhanced awareness and effective decision making.

To be an effective, respected leader and navigate through the P4EQ360 primary traits, one must be an effective decision-maker. Effective leaders, in their decision-making journey, must have situational awareness, manage change, facilitate tactical and strategic planning and influence, coach and motivate others. Striving to achieve more balanced decision-making, encompassing all these referenced traits, will enhance effective leadership.

How it works:

  • Identifies key leadership traits & the impact these have on others.
  • Highlights abilities to influence others through leadership styles.
  • Creates an invaluable developmental aid for career progression.