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LDP Online | Leadership Development Programme

Award winning LDP Online from Ingenium empowers individual leaders to upskill with self paced, focused leadership development training. This program is suitable for first-time leaders and emerging executives. It offers the opportunity to refresh their knowledge with high quality material from seasoned practitioners.

LDP Online offers an accelerated approach to leadership development with both new and refreshed knowledge for those seeking to customize their learning journey. Ingeniums experienced practitioners have customised this leadership program to suit all types of leaders and provide valuable insights that will have a long lasting impact for anyone who completes this programme.

LDP Online offers the chance for employees and organisations to align desired leadership skills with strategic goals while refreshing existing knowledge.

“At I3PT we believe in investing in people, to provide them with the learning necessary to grow both personally and professionally within their career. Over the years we have worked with Ingenium to realise that commitment through the Smart Choice programme, applying new knowledge in the delivery our operational and strategic goals. We continue to invest in our team through Ingenium’s latest offering, the Leadership Development Programme Online, supporting our team to choose from a suite of modules that allow them to meet their individual needs at a self directed pace.”
Eoin Leonard


Track & Manage Employee’s Leadership Development

LDP Online can be used as a tool to track and manage employees’ leadership skills development as part of their annual performance reviews. Choose a learning experience directly related to performance goals from the 33 LDP Online modules and track employees’ progress as they move through the dedicated learning management system Cloud Connect. Open the door to measurable leadership development with LDP Online.

How we help:

  • Flexible online learning modules
  • Intuitive learning management system
  • Option to select a leadership level
  • Set at the pace of the leader

Leadership Development Training (LDP Online) IITD National Training Award Finalists