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StyleUS Decision Making Style Survey

Discover your decision making style with StyleUS, our personal Psychometric Survey. StyleUs is designed to help you make more effective decisions personally, within your team & organisation.

Executives from organisations throughout the world have completed the StyleUS evaluation report. By gaining new insights into the various decision making styles you can better understand your teams strengths and weaknesses.

Being conscious of your decision-making style and the biases inherent within it provides a solid foundation from which to make decisions relating to the heuristics which are essentially ‘hard wired’ into each of our approaches to decision-making and with it, the associated issues that this creates.

How we help:

  • Determine your decision making style
  • Learn how to adapt your style for improved collaboration
  • Understand patterns of employee behavior
  • Formulate solutions to complex challenges
  • Leverage the best analytical and intuitive aspects of all employees