When the dust settles and the clouds part

1 Jun 2021 | Events

Since 2015, Ingenium has been delivering sustainable solutions to improve business performance across the globe.

Last week, we launched our new brand and website. Our new brand is inspired by the idea of cell growth and the essence of all Ingenium services and tools which target the needs of our clients at a cellular level, putting businesses under the microscope.

We celebrated the launch of our new brand by hosting an online panel discussion with world-renowned economist David McWilliams, internationally respected businessman and investor Dr Hugh O’ Donnell and, former political titan Mary Harney. During this event, our panellists discussed the opportunities that lie in a post covid world for businesses, individuals and governments.

The event was focussed on the future and the opportunities that have arisen following the pandemic, with over 63% of attendees confident or very confident that their business will survive COVID.

To find out more about Ingenium’s solutions, contact us for more information on off the shelf and bespoke programmes to deliver transformational change in human and organisational performance.